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Ascend is made up of professionals with a wide range of backgrounds in engineering, geology, civil surveying, and business; in both the oil and gas and civil sectors.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve workplace safety, reduce inefficiencies, and increase the reliability of operations in both our client’s operations as well as our own.  

UAV use is on the climb worldwide and we believe that a safe and responsible operator can bring the benefits of flight to clients in a diverse set of industries. Along with having certification papers of many industry standard courses, we have real field experience to back up many of those courses. Our main service is to alleviate workers from spending time at heights when possible.  The less exposure time a worker spends at height the less opportunity there is for incidents to happen.

There will always be a need for workers to do jobs at heights as part of maintenance and repair. However many inspections, with the right equipment, can be done with the aid of a UAV.  From working with leading companies and embracing their corporate culture, safety is at the heart of our mantra. 

Ascend UAV Ltd. carries $2,000,000 corporate liability insurance, $2,000,000 liability insurance for flight operations, and $2,000,000 liability insurance on vehicles. See to the right for the list of certifications out pilots carry.

We are certified to fly our operations through Transport Canada. *Some flights require additional time for permit processing depending on the complexity or geographic location of the operation.

Ascend owns multiple UAV platforms with different available payloads to cater to your needs. We are capable of sending into flight; thermal cameras, high resolution and high zoom cameras, cameras with NDVI lenses, gas detection equipment, and an array of other equipment. If you have a specific operation not listed here please contact us and we would like to discuss your options.

Why Us?

We love science, technology, and most of all problem solving.  Whether you are looking to set up a routine maintenance schedule, track project progress over time, or complete a delicate one-off inspection, we can design a solution that will fulfill your needs.

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